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Title (English)    Battei Kenesiyyot
Title (Hebrew)    בתי כנסיות
Author    R. Abraham ibn Ezra ben Hayyim Jedidah
City    Salonica
Publisher    Sa’adia ha-Levi Ashkenazi
Publication Date    1806
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [4], 136, 36 ff., 203:208 mm., wide margins, old hand on title, light age and damp staining. A very good copy bound in modern cloth boards.
   First and only edition of this important halakhic compendium on Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim with super-commentary on Rashi and Re’em (R. Elijha Mizrahi) by R. Abraham ibn Ezra ben Hayyim Jedidah. The title page has a frame comprised of florets and at the top triangular ornament, all representative of Izmir. Mention is made of R. Solomon Algranati who sponsored publication of Battei Kenesiyyot. The text states that it is Battei Kenesiyyot, part one, but this is all that was printed. It is dated, “Let them exalt him also in the congregation of the people וירוממוהו בקהל עם (566 = 1806)” (Psalms 107:32). There is a long approbation from R. Raphael Isaac מאייוand R. Joseph ben Hayyim Hazan and a prefatory leaf from the editor, R. Raphael Moses, the author’s grandson. Next is R. Abraham ibn Ezra’s introduction and then the text, which is in two columns in rabbinic letters, excepting headers and initial words, which are in square letters. Sections are called Bet, for example bet Tefillah, which is followed by Bet-Abtinas on keteret, and Bet Mo’ed. In addition to his detailed and scholarly comments R. Abraham ibn Ezra brings a large number of sources, adding to the value of this rare halakhic work. This, the major part of Battei Kenesiyyot, concludes with a detailed index (128a-36b). Appended is Bet Asuphim, which is on the weekly parsha. It too concludes with an index (33a-36b). Battei Kenesiyyot is printed on a heavy fine paper.

R. Abraham ibn Ezra ben Hayyim Jedidah, scion of an illustrious Sephardioc family in Izmir, was Chief Rabbi of Izmir. R. Abraham ibn Ezra’s grandfather was R. Solomon ben Moses ibn Ezra (d. 1688); his novellae are included in Battei Kenesiyyot. R. Abraham ibn Ezra’s son, who succeeded him, was R. Solomon ibn Ezra, author of Yad Shelomoh, Bet-Metabahia, and the above mentioned Bet-Abtinas.

Paragraph 2    ח"א ... על ... אורח חיים ... ובסופו (בית האסופים) ... חי' על רש"י והרא"ם [ר' אליהו מזרחי, על פירוש רש"י על התורה] ... פעולת ... זקננו ... ר' אברהם ן' עזרא זלה"ה (אתי'א מביני'א ... קונ' בית מטבחייא ... במעשה הקרבנות ... וקונטריס בית אבטינס ... על מעשה הקטורת. פעולת ... ר' חיים שלמה ן' עזרה זלה"ה ... בריה ... דאברהם ז"ל) ... פי המדבר ... אברהם ן' עזרא (בן ... ר' רפאל משה ן' עזרא נ"ע ... המגיה, נכדו של ... המחבר [שהערותיו מפוזרות בספר]) ...

מלבד הקונטרסים בית מטבחייא ובית אבטינס מפוזרים חידושיו של ר' חיים שלמה בספר כולו. לא נדפס יותר. דף [4]: הקדמת נכד המחבר, ר' יהודה ב"ר חיים שלמה ן' עזרא, שברשותו היה כתב-היד. הסכמה: ר' רפאל יצחק מאייו ור' יוסף ב"ר חיים חזן, אזמיר, סיון תקס"ו.

   Vin Salonika 550; CD-EPI 0106311
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