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Title (English)    Olat Tamid
Title (Hebrew)    עולת תמיד
Author    [First Ed.] R. Samuel ben Joseph
City    Amsterdam
Publisher    David de Castro
Publication Date    1681
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. [2], 59, [1]; 10, [6], 65-114, 50 ff., 295:190 mm., usual age staining, lower margin repaired first few ff. A good copy bound in modern half leather and cloth boards.
   Commentary on Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim by R. Samuel ben Joseph (17th cent.), dayyan in Cracow. The title page has an architectural frame and informs that it is, “a truly ‘marvelous and wonderful’ (Isaiah 29:14) work, desirable, to make one wise, pleasant to the eyes (cf. ibid.), a commentary handsome and well sifted on the desirable work, the Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim from the beginning until Hilkhot Shabbat, and the second part, called Olat Shabbat from Hilkhot Shabbat until the end. The title page dates completion of the work to Tamuz, “therefore love truth האמת (441 = 1681) and peace” (Zechariah 9:19). Olat Tamid has approbations from rabbis in the Va’ad Arba Arzot (Council of the Four Lands), the Ashkenaz and Sephardic rabbis of Amsterdam, and R. Hillel ben Naphtali Hertz Ashkenazi of Altona and Hamburg, followed by the introductions of R. Moses Isserles (Rema) and R. Joseph Caro, and then R. Samuel’s introduction, each paragraph concluding with the word hayyim. The text is comprised of the Shulhan Arukh in the outer column and R. Samuel’s commentary in the inner column, accompanied by marginal references. Part two, on Hilkhot Shabbat, begins with an ornamental border over the width of the top of the page and new foliation. Rosh Hodesh is included with Hilkhot Shabbat, but foliation begins anew with Hilkhot Pesah. The volume concludes with the epilogue of the Rema and the names of the compositors.

In his commentary Samuel provides the sources used by R. Caro and Rema and often quotes them in their entirety. He attempts to reconcile differences between Caro and Rema and shows great mastery of early works. As a result, Olat Tamid was, for a short period, considered authoritative. Tchernowitz expresses high regard for Olat Tamid. Nevertheless, Olat Tamid has not been a successful work.

Olat Tamid was written at about the same time as R. Abraham Gombiner’s Magen Avraham. Although the latter work was completed earlier events delayed its publication, so that Olat Tamid was published before Magen Avraham. When Olat Tamid appeared R. Gombiner subjected it to close scrutiny. He was very critical, finding that it fell short of his standards of rabbinic scholarship and erudition. R. Gombiner did not hesitate to record his criticisms, with the result that Olat Tamid, despite its initial acceptance, was not only not reprinted, but was only infrequently referred to by later halakhic authorities and is now a rare work. Ironically, today Olat Tamid is considered important because it provides insight into the objections expressed regarding it in the Magen Avraham.

Paragraph 2    ... על ספר ... השלחן ערוך ... אורח חיים מתחלתו עד הלכות שבת. וחלק שני נקרא עולת שבת, מהלכות שבת עד גמירא [עם פנים השולחן ערוך, הגהות ר' משה איסרלש ובאר הגולה לר' משה רבקש]. חברו ... ר' שמואל במהר"ר יוסף זצ"ל ה"ה חד מן חבריא מן בתי הדינים דקהלא קדישא ... קראקא ...

הספירה הראשונה: עולת תמיד (סי' א-רמא). הספירה השניה והשלישית: עולת שבת (סי' רמב-תרצז). עם הקדמות ר' יוסף קארו ור' משה איסרלש ודברי הסיום של ר' משה איסרלש. "באר הגולה" נדפס תחילה בתוך שלחן ערוך, אמשטרדם תכ"א-תכ"ד. כאן נדפסו הציונים של "באר הגולה" מבלי להזכיר שם החיבור ושמו של המחבר. הסכמות: רבנים דארבע ארצות: ר' יצחק ב"ר אברהם מפוזנן, ר' צבי הירש ב"ר זכריה מלבוב, ר' ישראל מלאדמר ב"ר שמואל מטרנאפול, ר' נפתלי הירש ב"ר בנימן וואלף מלובלין, פינטשוף, [תל"ג. על תאריך ההסכמה עיין: י. היילפרין, פנקס ועד ארבע ארצות, ירושלים תש"ה, עמ' 498-497); ר' דוד ב"ר אריה ליב [מלידא], מגנצא, יט [מר]חשון תמ"א; ר' הלל ב"ר נפתלי [הירץ אשכנזי], אלטינויא והאמבורג, י סיון תל"ד, ר' יצחק אבוהב, אמשטירדאם, ז תמוז תמ"א; ר' יעקב ששפורטש, אמשטירדאם, פ' פינחס תמ"א.

   Fuks Typography II pp. 366-67 no. 474; Goldwurm, Early Acharonim, pp. 190-91; Tchernowitz, III pp. 164-68; Vin Amsterdam 42; CD-EPI 0200778
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