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Title (English)    Responsa Rav Yosef Kasabi
Title (Hebrew)    שו'ת רב יוסף קצבי
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Joseph b. Nissim Kasabi
City    Constantinople
Publisher    Jonah ben Jacob Ashkenazi
Publication Date    1736
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [2], 85, [1]; 17; 16 ff., 323:205 mm., extra wide margins, usual light age and damp staining, old hand on several ff. A very good copy bound in contemporary full leather boards, modern spine.
   Responsa of R. Joseph Ben Nissim Kasabi, dayyan and Chief Rabbi in Constantinople. The text of the title page, in an ornamental frame, is followed by an introduction ([2a-b]) by R. Jacob Alfandari. There are two attractive woodcuts, one used as a header for the text of each of the various parts of the volume, the other as a tail piece. The text is comprised of twenty seven lengthy detailed responsa, reflecting R. Kasabi’s erudition as a halakhist, followed by an index of the responsa, Muzzal me-Esh of R. Jacob and R. Hayyim Alfandari (material not included in Aish Dat, Muzzal me-Esh, Const. 1718) and derashot from R. Kasabi. R. Kasabi was known for the liberality of his decisions, reflected in several of these responsa. For example, he endeavored to secure permission for the remarriage of an agunah, and permitted the drinking of wine that had been prepared by a convert to Islam. From other responsa it is evident that R. Kasabi was arbitrator in matters of taxation at Salonica and Soria. Rav Yosef was published R. Kasabi’s grandson, R. Moses ben Nissan Kasabi and annotated, together with his sermons, by R. Jacob Alfandari. R. Joseph ben Nissim Kasabi (d. c. 1696/98) was a pupil of R. Joseph Trani and was regarded as one of the outstanding halakhists of Constantinople. Problems were addressed to him from Bosnia, Belgrade, Salonika, Bucharest, and elsewhere. Among his halakhic correspondents were R. Abraham Rosanes, R. Moses Benveniste, and R. Jacob Alfandari. R. Kasabi migrated to Adrianople but subsequently returned to Constantinople. In 1680 he succeeded R. Benveniste as chief rabbi in Constantinople. Most of his sermons were lost in the great fire of 1669. Some of R. Kasabi’s halakhic rulings are cited in R. Benveniste’s Penei Moshe, others in the Dat ve-Din of his pupil, R. Eliezer ibn Shangi.
Paragraph 2    משאלות ותשובות... ר' יוסף קצבי תנצב"ה... וזה שמו... רב יוסף... וקצת חדושי הרבנים... ר' יעקב [ב"ר חיים] וכמהר"ר חיים (בכמהר"ר יצחק) אלפאנדארי, זכרם לחיי עד, באו בסוף הספר... הוקם על מזבח הדפוס על יד בן בנו של הרב המחבר... ר' משה קצבי... בכה"ר נסים...

דף [2]: הקדמת... ר' יעקב אלפאנדארי נר"ו. הוא נכדו של ר' יעקב הנז' בשער. יז דף: מצל מאש... קונטריס מחידושי... ר' יעקב אלפאנדארי זלה"ה אשר לא באו בספר מוצל מאש [הנספח לספר אש דת, לר' חיים אלפאנדארי, קושטאנדינא תע"ח]. נב סימנים. דף ח,ב-יז: קצת מחדושי... ר' חיים (בכמהר"ר יצחק) אלפאנדארי זצוק"ל. ג סימנים. סימן א: קדושא דבי שמשי... סובב הולך דרך מבא השמש, להרב מנחת כהן [ר' אברהם כהן פימינטיל, אמשטירדם תכ"ח, בדין בין השמשות]... יו דף: קונטריס שארית הנמצאה... [שבעה דרושים] אשר דרש... ר' יוסף קצבי... ונגה לו סביב... אור החיים... מהני מילי... דמר דריש באגדתא... ר' חיים אלפאנדארי...

   EJ; JE; Vin Const. 480; Yaari Kushta 362; CD-EPI 0164848
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