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Title (English)    Anah Kasil
Title (Hebrew)   
Author    [Polemic - Forgery] Abraham Rosenberg
City    Seini-Varol
Publisher    Jacob Weider
Publication Date    1908
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [16] ff., 195:132 mm., usual age staining, wide margins. A very good copy bound in contemporary half cloth boards.
   Polemic against R. Dov Ritter in defense of Solomon Friedlaenders edition of the Jerusalem Talmudic, against charges of forgery. Friedlaenders deception, although initially widely accepted, was recognized as a sham by several rabbinic authorities, among them R. Ritter. Anah Kasil has a sub-title, On three Jewish transgressors. It further states that it is a response to Dr. Ritter and his supporters and supporters supporters until the end of the world, concerning his review of the Jerusalem Talmud Order Kodashim. Dead flies cause the ointment of the perfumer to send forth a foul smell (Ecclesiastes 10:1). The author is given as Abraham Rosenberg, Av Bet Din and talmud of ha-rav, ha-gaon publisher of the Jerusalem Talmud Order Kodashim. It is widely believed that in fact the author was Friedlaender. The text, in a single column in Rabbinic type, begins with an introduction, and then continues with an ad hominum attack on R. Ritter.

Friedlander published a substantial part of the fifth order of the Jerusalem Talmud from 190709, which he claimed was from a Spanish manuscript from Barcelona dated 1212 that he had discovered in Turkey. It was, in reality, a mosaic of passages from other parts of the Talmud. It became the subject of considerable controversy. Dr. Ritter, of Rotterdam, conclusively proved the fallaciousness of Friedlaender's claims. On the basis of internal evidence, Ritter showed that the text was an overt forgery. Ritters conclusions were supported by many experts, including V. Aptowitzer, W. Bacher, D. B. Ratner and Meir Dan Plotzki. Solomon Judah Friedlaender (c. 1860c. 1923) a literary forger, gave contradictory biographical accounts of his life, claiming at various times to have been born in Hungary, Turkey, and Rumania, but in all probability he was born in Beshenkovichi near Vitebsk, Belorussia. Friedlaender published Zevahim and Arakhin in 1907, and Hullin and Bekhorot in 1909, with his commentary Heshek Shelomo. With these publications, he reached the summit of his audacity, claiming to be of pure Sephardi descent (Sephardi tahor) from the well-known Algazi family and a native of Smyrna. Among his other questionable works or pure forgeries are Ha-Tikkun (Czernowitz, 1881), purporting to be an authentic manual of hasidic customs, while in fact it is a crude and obscene parody of Hasidism in general and Habad Hasidism in particular; Tosefta, Seder Zeraim and Seder Nashim (Pressburg, 1889-90), with his commentary entitled Hosak Shelomo); AND an edition of the tractate Yevamot of the Jerusalem Talmud, supposedly from a manuscript, along with a twofold commentary, Heshek Shelomo, Szinervaralja, 1905).

Paragraph 2    "" . . ... " "" Israelit 1907 Der, ' 33 ,31 ,29 ,27 ,25, ' 10, R], .

" " . . .

   BE ayin 949; EJ; CD-EPI 0166956
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